East Shore Kootenay Lake

Creative heaven, right here in paradise

With scenery this beautiful, it’s no wonder that so many artists and artisans choose to live near Kootenay Lake’s East Shore. The six communities that make up this area – Riondel, Kootenay Bay, Crawford Bay, Gray Creek, Boswell, and Kuskanook – are home to creative folks of all kinds: blacksmiths, potters, painters, weavers, jewelers, and many more.

The combined population of the area is just over 2,000, but don’t let the size fool you: You’ll want to linger as you go from studio to studio, watching artists in action, learning about their techniques, and admiring countless exquisite handmade treasures. Accommodations are available at motels, cabins, private campgrounds, and lovely Lockhart Beach Provincial Park. Those sufficiently bewitched might be tempted to travel onward by handcrafted North Woven broom, but the winding route to the lake will also enchant motorcyclists, ending with an exceptionally scenic free ferry ride over to the West Kootenays.