Cheesy – and proud of it!

Travel a few minutes further southeast of Creston and you’ll find Lister, another country paradise perfect for dairy, grain, beef, and poultry farming. Located in the southeast corner of the valley, Lister is nestled between the Skimmerhorn range and the US border. It’s an access point to the Rykerts Canada-US border crossing on Highway 21, from which you can travel south along the American side of the International Selkirk Loop.

We’ll try to spare you the cheesy jokes, but we just might have a cow if you pass up the opportunity to visit Lister’s renowned fromagerie, Kootenay Alpine Cheese. So don’t be a mouse! Come on by to peek inside the barns, meet the cows and cheese-makers, watch a milking, and stroll through our scenic pastures – and, of course, have a bit of cheese!