Border Information

Howdy, neighbour!

Here in the Creston Valley, we like good neighbours. If you’re coming up to pay us a visit, welcome! We’ll show you some great Canadian hospitality. And if you’re heading south, give our neighbours our best! Coming or going, there are two border crossings near Creston.


Entering Canada, head for the Rykerts border crossing is located on Highway 21, just twenty minutes south of Creston. Open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM PST. For additional information, phone (250) 428-2575.

Entering the USA, take the crossing at Porthill, Idaho on Highway 1 North. Open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM PST. For additional information, phone (208) 267-5309.


The crossing at Kingsgate/Eastport is open 24 hours a day, year round.

Entering Canada, cross at Kingsgate on Highway 3. For additional information, phone 1-800-461-9999.

Entering the USA, cross at Eastport on Highway 95 North. For additional information, phone (208) 267-3966.

Rules and Regulations: Start right here

Remember: A PASSPORT is the one, universally accepted identification document and it proves that you have a right to return to your country. (Not that we want to see you go, or anything.)

All visitors crossing into Canada must travel with a Passport, Passport Card, Enhanced Driver’s License or Enhanced ID Card. (EDL/ID).

  • Visitors under age 16 will be able to enter with proof of citizenship, no photo ID required.
  • Visitors 15 years of age and under will only require proof of citizenship, such as an original or a copy of a birth certificate, or a citizenship card.
  • Visitors 18 years of age and under who are travelling with a school or other organized group, under adult supervision, and with parent/guardian consent, may also present proof of citizenship alone.